Shakespeare’s Globe

by Andrada Costoiu

Walking the Thames river path, near Blackfriars , you might see a white building, with a roof covered in moss. If you’re not a local, you don’t really know what to make out of it. Is it a small castle? Is it an arena?  What is it?!!!

These are the questions that were running through my mind when I noticed that many people were seating on the ground, in a cue, as they were waiting for something. I went and asked ….and it turned out to be a theater. Not just any theater, but Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, which is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre for which William Shakespeare wrote his plays!

I’m a lover of arts, so of course, I wanted in!

There were no tickets for that night, but I did buy a ticket for “As you like it”, for the following night.

I had no idea what to expect, but let me tell you this: I have been inside hundreds of cultural landmarks and this one is one of a kind. When I entered, I felt like a portal to another era has opened. Shakespeare’s era!

The theater has an arena where people stand and then there is seating across the arena, in balconies and galleries. All these have benches, wooden benches! I got one of those seats and I’m so happy I got a pillow, because….let’s put it this way, you need a cushion when you’re seating on a wood bench with no back rest for couple of hours…..

The play itself was a transformative, radical experience. Ever seen those movies where they show how old theater was done? Those ones where the audience becomes rowdy and occasionally some unlucky actors get pelted with rotten tomatoes? It’s funny, but it was just like that! The audience, including me, often exploded in ovations and laughs.  Of course, there was no tomatoes or food produce throwing! 

If you go, you’ll feel as you entered the somewhat more complicated emotional world of Shakespeare. Go experience…..


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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Globe

  1. Really I never heard about it it was good experience for me to read, thanks dear there is too much to explore in this world you gave memeaning to my life. I was wondering what to do without my kids. I have to come out of that situation and has to explore this beautiful world

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  2. Hi Rajni, thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, go explore, there are so many things to see and to feel. And there is someone out there that needs you, always!


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