Utopia, a world without money

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain

Informal rules that govern our behavior, set shackles that enslave us,
A different kind of slavery, domesticating the human society.
In hordes of coins, silver and gold, and then the plastic,
Currency has shaped our culture and beliefs entirely.
But what would a world without money look like?
A sedentary world? Anarchic chaos? Or a perfect world?
Without money are we all equal?  
But some must surely be more equal than others! 
I do believe that we are all rich in different things,
Like love and kindness, like honesty and hard work,
But rational theory says that this world is driven by greed,
What do you think, what would a world without money look like?


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3 thoughts on “Utopia, a world without money

  1. I believe we could! Maybe a better question would be : what would a world without money look like? There is a huge debate about it, with some saying that it would be a better world and others saying that it would be a total anarchy.


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