Believe in yourself

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: “Believe”, by Linnaea Mallette

Damn those mishaps of living, 
Damn looking back on your life,
Damn thoughts of I should have…I could have.
You’re only here now and life unfolds in the present,
So live today to give your tomorrow self something to build on!
Y is for finding Yourself,
O is for having the courage to live outside the box,
U is for un-hurry for whatever it’s meant to come next in your life!
A is for acting on your dreams,
R is for all the good relationships that you can build,
E is for enriching your own world.
P is for the positivity,
O if for one more step you take towards happiness,
W walking with your head up high,
E is for the energy that runs through your body,
R is for rest and refresh and renew yourself,
F is for fanning your inner sparks into flames of achievement,
U is for the unbelievable adventure of your life,
L is for love.
You have no limits but the ones you set for yourself,
Yes you can! Go build your dreams !


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