There is more to life

-a poem for my son-

by Andrada Costoiu

 Photo: “Winnie-the-Pooh”, by Piotr Siedlecki 

Have you ever felt your heart cartwheeling in your chest?
I did, many times….
When you smile, when you sparkle,
When say silly things as: “I broke the Kumon Bank”,
Because you thought they gave you way too many packets for homework!
Or when you asked if my mom(your grandma) was born during the Civil War, Because you thought she’s so knowledgeable
And knows everything!

You make me happy,
Your thoughts are clear and pure,
I never want to let the society take out the child inside you.

I’ll save the conservative thinking for another lifetime,
I don’t want you to sit properly, behave properly,
Because what is proper anyway? 
I want you to dance when everyone is watching,
To believe in the impossible and to always have hope.

I don’t have a manual, none of us do,
And even us, adults,
Can sometimes feel as bees on the sand. 
But I do know that “Success” is not defined by reaching very rigid milestones,
So don’t let the society dictate your life.

There are so many things that are not quite right in the world today,
But there is so much good too.
You will realize that all things change,
And like the forces of nature,
Everybody has the power to unleash and unlock what they’re capable of.
If more people decide to do good, the balance will tilt to that side,
Be one of these people.

Life is about creating yourself,
Take your time, smile, breathe and keep going.


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