Love, not cancelled

by Andrada Costoiu

I feel my body slip out of dream,
The sun took the stage
And I open my eyes and blink to the ray of sunshine
That has landed on your chest.

I feel a cold breeze through the open window,
Our curtains flutter like butterfly wings in the wind,
I shiver a little
And move close to your body.

The grapevine that climbed outside our bedroom window,
Sends smells of grapes
I shall pick some,
For our breakfast.

This is a perfect moment,
Silent, simple, with warm feelings,
Right now, right here.
A perfect moment in an imperfect world.

We used to love watching the sky,
Wishing on airplanes like they were shooting stars
But now flights have been canceled…..
We used to go to festivals and movie premiers,
But now these have been cancelled…
The Boston Marathon, Eurovision,
All cancelled…

In some worlds
“Cancelled” looks like a baleful cloud,
Still, hung heavy,
But not in ours.

I smile at the sun,
Smell the grapes and touch your skin,
Our plans and happiness have not been canceled,
Love has not been canceled.


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