Are we heading for the better: media and their agendas

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo:George Hodan, “Newspapers And Glasses”

In light of the current events, I would think that human kind and each and every individual has been facing, in a way or another, thoughts that didn’t make part of their regular thinking. Such thoughts might include: our mortality (what if you die of this virus?), the mortality of the ones you love (what is someone you love would die of this virus?), the world as we know it( how would things change after the pandemic is over, will it change?) and you can add to this list …..

I think confronting what is happening should be a transformative experience and should teach us some lessons. But, apparently, is not like that. Right now, I am frustrated with the media. So here are some thoughts on this subject.

Media’s bias and manipulation has remained. Instead of painting the picture of what is happening and talk about real facts, they keep up with their agendas.

Take Yahoo.  What is the fascination with the royals? If you tune on yahoo, many news are about the English royal family. What do they wear (why is this important?), how they came out of quarantine (I wish them luck, but I wish the same for all the regular people out there), appearances and events they participated and so on. Well, personally, I don’t feel like singing in the chorus. I don’t feel like applauding these and having these constantly in the front page. What I would like to see is real stories, of people in front line, who are truly fighting to save human lives. What I would really like to see is doctors, nurses, and human beings that try to do something good. I am not implying that the royal family is not doing good. It is and I am sure they are wonderful people. However, they are not part of the masses. They are privileged people, in privileged situations. So, what is the purpose of keep putting these news into our eyes and brains? Perpetuating the actual social order? Where is the real life, the life of the majority of people?  Same things I said about the news on the English royal family apply to the all the celebrities they keep reporting on. Yahoo news is lousy. Too bad that they have such large audience and they’re not doing the right thing.

Take FOX. For the ones of you that are not American, FOX is an American news channel. They are biased because they favor conservatives in the US. I guess that is FOX’s agenda and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it, because that’s what they believe in. But I do find it wrong when they disseminate false information to follow their agenda.   Fox has been a source of misinformation for coronavirus pandemic and now they are at the verge of a lawsuit. 

I am sorry FOX, I don’t understand is why you don’t give your audience decent health information.

Take CNN. Let’s move to another media outlet. CNN is believed to be neutral, to abide by the rules of journalistic neutrality. You would think so…..until you watch the  2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries debate moderated by CNN. Here CNN was so consistently aligned against Bernie Sanders, and intended to depict him as misogynist. I don’t personally know Bernie Sanders, and I don’t know if he is prejudiced or not, but the purpose of the debate should have been to show the constituency any substantive disagreements between the candidates or problems with their policy positions. However, CNN agenda was followed…..

So, what are we to think? Should we let our mind be manipulated and skewed by the news they feed us?!  What news are actual news that do not follow well crafted agendas?

The qualities of any journalist and media reporter (anchor, producer….e.g.) should be integrity, morals and high standards.  Where are these people? I am sure that many of them are at CNN, BBC and other media outlets. But people, show yourself and show integrity. Show it for the sake of us all, for the sake of humanity. Maybe if you do, we will live in a better, a more truthful  and honest world. 

And for us all, we should think twice before we take what media says at the face value. Everything should go through the filter of our minds. Before we listen, know what’s their agenda. Not everything is as they say. 

7 thoughts on “Are we heading for the better: media and their agendas

  1. Absolutely true! The media outlets serve the interests of their owners, and unfortunately that makes reporting biased. In the long term, people think what they want them to think. I don’t know if know about these cartoons, Teen Titans, but my kids watch them a lot. Something funny from that cartoon comes into mind. One of the characters , Slade, does :”Mind manipulation”:).


  2. I agree Andrada. These days the media is scarcely credible. They don’t let the actual news get in the way of their interpretation of the news; spinning tales like Spiders spin their webs. Journalists, like all of us on a salary, take orders from above. New ideas and perspectives get little traction in a culture dominated by agendas and monied interests – any journalists with integrity will get weeded out by the typical mechanisms.

    In fact, the media can now openly propagandize the American public without the public having recourse to the law. Modifications to the Smith-Mundt Act in 2012 means that overseas propaganda campaigns can now be conducted within American territory and targeted at the public. I like to call the media: infotainment. Because it seems, these days, most things are stage managed productions designed to engineer opinion.

    Thanks for your perspective.

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  3. And thank you for yours !! I just wish the days of real media were not over. Its disconcerting to find yourself in the middle of a world where there is little genuineness. It’s good though that the planet spins and we know what is going on from different perspectives. At least this way way we can draw our own conclusions, with the information we have.

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