by Andrada Costoiu

Silence, silence!
We are gathered here today….
To judge this man and this woman.

They have abandoned themselves in the arms of one another,
They have recklessly peeled back every single layer of their souls,
Until their cores were bound together.
They have been given so many chances to edit themselves,
Many chances to write the  “not together”,
Still, today they stand in front of you,
A guilty man and a guilty woman.

You and I knew that this was almost true,
Sinners we were,
We should have put our hearts in coffins,
And listened to the sermons of two different bands.

Is love divine grace or is love free will?

I smile…..
We’re stuck in front of the bullets
Should we pursue our love?
We’re damned if we do,
We’re damned if we don’t.

I wrote this for all the “impossible” couples out there, present, former or to be couples. Society makes you think that you should always follow the rules. But following the rules doesn’t always agree with what your heart tells you. Love is not always black and white. In fact, it is never black and white. Don’t be afraid to love……


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