Pandemic resurrection

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Mick Lissone, “Heartbeat”

Hospital beds….
Doctors and nurses,
Moving faster and harder than anytime before…
I think the reminder of these days will always sting like a hornet.

For days your body quivered,
As the underground bunker opened and closed its door around you,
You were completely vulnerable,
As all the other poor souls around you,
But your parachute jerked your body back.

You’re dreaming of blue skies and white puffed clouds,
Or maybe of the ocean shore where we sat every morning,
You’re taking trips
With your eyes closed, but with the gateway of your soul open.

I feel your heart getting warmer,
Searching through the glass window,
As closest as they have let me get to you…

My eyes are crying
And my invisible hands are ripping out all the caution tape,
All the “do not enter” signs 
That held us back from living the life we truly want to live.

Wake up my love,
Life is precious,
Especially the one that is given twice.

Life and how precious every moment is. Not many had life –altering experiences, but if you did, you understand best what second chances are. “Live your life to the fullest” is just a motto until you start doing it. So do it, you may never have tomorrow what you can have today. Love and live to the fullest.  


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