by Andrada Costoiu

Polarity is everywhere.
Light and dark, male and female, yin and yang 
To understand a concept we must know its opposite brother,
Because how could we know one without knowing the other?

I know it is logic, but sometimes we give a meaning,
The sense and perspective that fits with our own world screening.

I’m puzzled today because I don’t know why,
Numerology decided that number four is a guy.
That’s right, four is considered a masculine number,
It represents strength and stability,
Discipline and loyalty.

Are they right?
I have frowned and thought that perhaps,
Their number 4’s definition is based on their own maps.
For in my world I have the 4 leafs clover,
That I have picked from fields over and over.
It represents hope, faith, love and good luck,
And you might even see a fairy if the clover’s in your pocket tucked. 

So you see, anything can have different perspectives,
From different people, with different objectives.
I think we see the world through our different lenses,
What’s apparent to you, might challenge my senses.
So please to not judge what to you might not seem right,
Because nothing in this world is back or is white.

This is me, wearing a 4 leaf clover. When I was a child I was looking for fairies, nowadays I did it again with my little girl. What would this world be without magic…..


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8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. That four represents and stands for order is beyond question. Why people say it is masculine not clear. Different cultures ascribe masculine and feminine to numbers. The Chinese I Ching gives genders to the earth, the sky, water, and to everything – as part of the yin and yang of the dialectic you talk about. See my blog for a post or two about the Four in my March Through the Numbers section. I’ve raised the question a number of times on my blog about the sexes of all these words, and I still can’t figure it out.

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