Love at no sight

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Axelle B, “Love Heart And Sunset”

No, their eyes didn’t meet from across the crowded room,
No, he didn’t see her face on Skype
Nor did she stalk his Instagram feed.
They were not like other people…..

They needed not step into the role of “mirror”,
And tell each other when they looked good or not,
Because they always looked good to each other.

They said love is blind,
But they knew that it wasn’t,
They could see into each other’s souls,
And past colors and shapes,
Their spirits within were as bright as a day.

Thoughts, desires, and longings were not always written across their faces,
But they were always written in their hearts.
She asked him: “My love, what color is love?”
He said: “Love has no color, love is a feeling,
As the feeling of you next to me.”

Her soul was touched,
She felt the sun on her face,
Smelled his perfume…
She thought that the strangest thing was
That there are seven billion people on the planet looking for love,
She hoped that they would find what she knew:
That love always happens out of sight.


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