Renewal is coming

by Andrada Costoiu

The world seems to have stopped,
Stopped its murmur,
Everyone stuck in their homes
Seem to be dancing on a flat line tune.

The unexpected has happened,
Your knuckles are going white from clenching down on the arms of your chair,
As you watch your world that has swallowed a virus,
Turning into a place that looks as the realm of soulless.

The empty streets in New York Square,
The empty canals in Venice,
Makes you think that every other soul on this planet
Has lost its sparkle,
That every other child stuck in the house
Has lost his rosy cheeks….

But behind each door with a broken handle,
Stands a man, or a woman, or a child,
Writing and constructing their own plot lines.
It simply depends where you focus your eyes,
To see that there is love, there is strength, there is hope.

Stuck in your chair,
Look up to the starts in the sky rather than in the darkness,
Sometimes changes are coming slow,
But when all door handles will be fixed, they will come all at once.

Renewal is coming, 
Something bigger and better,
Trust your heart,
There will be more love than there will be hate,
There will be more good than there will be bad,
And there will be more light than there will be darkness.

On this tiny blue and green planet, 
This quarantine has not been “that’s how the story ends”
But it is “ that’s how the story begins”….


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4 thoughts on “Renewal is coming

  1. Yes renewal will surely come. Till then hopefully we are better versions of ourselves so that the new normal is sustainable. Thanks Andrada for this lovely post.
    Stay well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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