The modern condition of being human

By Andrada Costoiu

I opened my computer this morning, as I do every morning, and I read the news. In California, where I live, several news outlets reported on our struggle against coronavirus.

Great! We’re fighting, but how are we fighting?

The news, which mirror the national news, keep talking about all the negative things that this crisis has brought up. But what makes it striking, is that none of these problems are new and it is bothersome to see that over and over again we go through the same scenarios.

Here are few subjects:

  1. Costs are up. There will be financial cuts. Brace yourselves. 
  2. Unemployment. Brace yourselves. Ok, we are bracing but what happened with the 2 trillion and now another 2.3 trillion injected in the economy? 
  3. Health system inadequacy. No ventilators. Lack of coordination between state and federal, or at least that’s what we keep hearing from the media.

You can add more to the list of bad situations that we all are facing. And I am not speaking only for California or for the US, but this is what is happening in the entire world.

Why do we hear these negative things over and over again? Are we living in a hopeless world? What needs to be changed in the current situation to be better?

As a regular person, are you required to do well on your job? Yes. If you do not perform well what does it happen? You need to do better or you’re fired. Or you’re just fired.

What happens in our societies is a paradox.

Politics  fail. The ones in power keep going. 
People complain. The problems keep perpetuating.
Media keeps fueling us with their agendas. We listen or we stop listening. They keep going.

These failures are not only characteristic for the coronavirus world crisis. They have become a mode of life.

I am not and I do not want to be a financial analyst. I can be a political analyst as I have an education that stands for it. But in this situation, I do not want to be a political analyst either.

I am a human. Just like you, just like all of us.  I consider myself equal with the poor and equal with the rich. We all live on this planet.

I want us all to live in a society where we would wake up in the morning and say: this is a great day, I am going to do my job, do it well and then I will enjoy myself. And while we are doing this day by day, I want us to feel safe, I want us to feel cared for. I don’t want us to feel used, betrayed or disappointed.
I want the sense of unity, and belief that the founding fathers have built this country upon. I want this for us and for the whole world.

Stop telling us: there are no ventilators. Do your job and manufacture and bring what is needed it. Fight for it and do it.
Stop telling us that we are in a terrible budget chasm. Stop telling us you are cutting money from education and other needed programs. There is money, a lot of money, both at the sate and federal level. Stop complaining. Go do your job and distribute them wisely.
Stop pointing fingers at each other. I’m tired to constantly hear that this politician didn’t do well, that the other is like this and like that. Go work as a team and if the team doesn’t work then make it work. If you were elected in an office, honor your job…..just like the teacher honors his, just like the doctor honors his….and so on.
Stop the BS!

Something needs to be done.

If you have a place in front of your house that looks like a swamp and it smells bad, what do you do? There are two options:

  1. You get your working suit on, and even if it’s exhausting you go dig trenches and work to make that place better and then plant flowers
  2. Close the windows to your house so you don’t feel the bad smell.

I rest my case!!!  

4 thoughts on “The modern condition of being human

  1. Sadly. our politicians fail us. At a time when our lives, economy, and country are all at stake, these politicians asre concerned about votes, pointing fingers, and grandstanding.
    They have the money. OUR MONEY.

    They need to work together and spend it wisely. They need to figure out what is needed NOW. There are provisions n thhe latest Democratic bill that have nothing to do with COVID. Allowing marijuana businesses access to banking services? Whose life is this going to save? It has provisions for race and gender equal pay. This should have been done years ago.

    I am sick of these two political parties.
    They need to work on real solutions.
    That is my rant for the day.

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  2. It good you brought this up…Everyone should just stop complaining…This is a good one indeed…Thanks for the share:)

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  3. How frustrating! And that’s even an understatement! Some things have to really be put out there. I hope they get their act together. Thanks for the share. ❤️

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