Wishing On Dandelions

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Martin Birkin, “Dandelion 1″

Dark! Dark!
Do you feel that?
It’s my hand pulling you forward,
Through the dark tunnel of a lost cause,
Where time of your life was already spent.
“Come on! You can do it!”
Do you hear that?
It’s the voice of faith,
Your voice that merges with others,
Me, you, walking the tunnel.
You’re dragging your feet…..
Does it ever end?

Tough! Isn’t it?
Life is tough.
You feel in the holes, you jumped into some,
You crawled through mud chasing your dreams.

Are you tired?
Has your mind and body gave in,
In your organized preparation,
To become who you really want to be?

“Where are we going?” you ask the others,
Walking, crawling through the tunnel,
Next to you.
“We are walking out, keep going!”

And one by one, people come out,
Returning to sunshine and a sky with no clouds,
Returning to the innocence of roaming through the fields, 
To the dandelions,
Waiting to make all dreams and desires come true.
And so they pick another dandelion, 
Wishing in their hearts, and believing that their wish will come true.

Note: Life is a journey, and there are many dark tunnels. It is tough, but I believe that the beauty of the human spirit lies in our hopes and dreams. Keep listening to the whispers of your hopes, keep chasing your dreams, no darkness lasts forever. 


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