My poem “The Go Away Gnome” published by Spillwords Press

The go away gnome, by Andrada Costoiu

He was alone,
Lost among garden lamps
Scissors and plastic plants.

All of his friends were gone,
Left for new homes, they all had signs of
“Welcome” or “Garden maintained by gnomes”
or other peculiar signs that made them special.

His sign was “Go away”.
He understood that nobody liked him,
Because they were either making fun of his sign,
Or of his eyebrows that his maker has drawn too high.

Please click here Spillwords Press , to continue reading the rest of the poem. If you read it, please vote for it too! Thank you so much!

11 thoughts on “My poem “The Go Away Gnome” published by Spillwords Press

  1. G! Thank you !!! Xxx
    I didn’t know how voting works and when I saw the publication I pushed from my phone on the stars , apparently I voted for myself , and gave myself 3 or 4 stars . It’s so funny :))

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  2. My pleasure. That’s ok. I did that in the beginning too. However, I will urge those who read the poem to rate it too. It is the popularity of the piece that brings Andrada more visibility. So if you read the poem please rate it too.

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