I will not and I am not

by Andrada Costoiu

I will not ask for attention, love, 
I will not be taken for granted,
And play your games.

I will not think less of myself,
Because I deserve the best,
And I will not be your second choice.
I will value myself and I will not keep short-changing myself,
I will not live in a space that puts me in this position. 
I will not….I will not….

Note: “I will not“ and “I am not” are two very different things.  Many people are struggling in a relationship, and they tell themselves “ I will not” until it becomes a constant familiar voice. Chances are, that if you play with “I will not” too much, you are already accepting these things for yourself….and will be, until you actually do something about it.

Now read this:

I am not asking for attention, and love,
Because you never take me for granted,
You don’t play games and you love me as I am.

I am not thinking less of myself,
Because you always make me feel as I deserve the best.
I am not your second choice,
Because you always make me feel valued,
And I always want to be with you.

Note: This is where you should be, or at least what you should be looking for. There is a distance between “I will not” and “ I am not”. It is not easy to walk this distance but unless you will walk it, you will keep struggling and you will keep hurting.  I wrote this for people who are hurt, who struggle. Know that you are not alone and know where you are, know where you should be…


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