Two worlds

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: “Sunset”, by Anna Langova

Swimming, she used all her might to get to the surface,
Fighting the currents of reason that sought to keep her in her world.
Sure and unsure walked hand in hand on the beach where she surfaced,
She stared them in the face,
Took her first breath, and then the first step,
And followed the voice that had long cuddled in her heart.

“Ariel,” the sand carried his whispers,
From the place where he stud locked up in the man made prison.
She whooshed through the sand and she found him,
Trying to bend the bars that ruled his world.

“You are not allowed to love a mermaid,” said the chorus of ethnocentric voices,
Singing decades old rules.  
He saw her, she saw him,
And oblivious they reached for each other,
Bending the bars under the heavy weight of their love.

Unafraid, they walked hand in hand by the wall of “virtue” where others were bowing, relenting their feelings to the man made rules.
He picked a piece of charcoal and wrote “Love!”
Not as a rule, but as guidance…..

They left, walking side by side.
It wasn’t easy for her,
She was just learning to walk into his world,
But she had him…..
And he had her…..


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16 thoughts on “Two worlds

  1. The most beautiful escape from reality .. To lay down thinking about who you love
    To rejoice in seeing someone you love to be happy in his proximity, to always fear for him and to miss him in his absence when you reach the most extreme of these feelings, your feeling of love is complete 💖🦋

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