“I still ask for two glasses” , on Free Verse Revolution

I started the journey of seriously writing not so long ago, but I know I had it in me for a long time. In middle school I had literature professor that I will never forget. He never gave high marks and he will always get upset when we made grammatical mistakes. I was his favorite student. Back then, I did not understand why. I was so young and just a rebellious kid, in a communist country that did not encourage creativity and free thinking. At times, I got punished for voicing my mind. One a teacher put me in front of the blackboard and asked me to fill it with a communist slogan. I took the chalk and I wrote what he asked me. I had to write that slogan 53 times, while the whole class was watching. I was in 8th grade. But the literature teacher rewarded me with high marks, because he appreciated my writing, not infested with communist thinking and such.

This is just a parenthesis, to introduce a blog that was so gracious to feature one of my poems, a poem that you have seen here before and that is also part of my new poetry book. The reason I brought this story up is because the theme for this month for Free Verse Revolution is “After Life”. The first thing that comes in mind when we think about After Life is…..what happens after we die. But, there are so many different After Lives, aren’t they? One is the example above: my life after escaping communism. I have a novel coming up, it is written but I am knocking on agents and publishing houses’ doors. Another kind of After Life is you, me, us, after a significant relationship has ended. My poem is about that.

You can read it at Free Verse Revolution if you click here. If you are a poet, I encourage you to submit some of your poetry to this blog, as I think it is a wonderful way of sharing our work.

I still ask for two glasses

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Jean Beaufort, “Refreshing Glasses Of Red Wine”, Public Domain.

I planned to forget, 
But when you truly love someone,
It never leaves you.

I hoped that the rains would wash me into a river,
So I will learn to flow like water,
Shapeless, formless,
Until I’ll reach a shore
Where memories cannot travel.

It has been months since it happened,
We fought for our hearts,
But the distance swallowed us whole,
And spit us out onto different paths.

And so here I sit,
near the piano,
still asking for two glasses
For the ghosts of you and I.


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My new poetry book “Love poems: insights into the complicated mystery of love” is available on Amazon. You can get it here. Please write a review if you get around it. I would really appreciate it.

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