by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Fire fighters on scene after the 9/11 attack. Mike Goad/Wikicommons

The tears of your eyes fall in the ashes,
Scattered on the streets.
Your thoughts don’t stand tall, 
But crumble with the buildings,
Down on the ground beneath your feet.

You join the other countless voices screaming, 
And feel inside you fear carving the walls of your skin.

A man looks from a window and then he looks at you,
He put his jacket on to keep him warm in his trip to eternity.
You want to fly every time you take a step 
And grab the arms that rise from dust and broken glasses,
But you cannot, you cannot help them.

It smells like it’s never going to stop raining with pain,
It smells of heartbreak and no tomorrows,
It smells of burning candles at the funeral of hope.

Not a word said,
You’re crying for the lost,
You’re crying because you don’t know what eternity looks like.

All the wrongs of the past time bombard your eyes,
What has life become?
Is it too late to change it?

You bang your skinned knuckles 
At the door of the future
And vow to go on a scavenger hunt
All over the world,
To find prayers, good deeds,
And promises that stories like this will never repeat.

Note: Today is 9/11 and I remember it. I remember the faces, the terror, and everything that came with it. I will never forget. But that it is not the only thing that I will never forget. Although I only seen them in movies, like Schindler’s list, or read them in books like “Hiding in the Spotlight”,  I will never forget the stories of the Jewish people whose spirts were lost during the Holocaust. The same, I will never forget the faces and stories of Syrian kids, and the ones of their parents, that were war refugees in Jordan. I took some interviews, and these were firsthand, heartbreaking stories. I kneel in front of their pain and wish that we will never repeat the mistakes of the past.
I am sure that each of us have our experiences. I am sure that each of us have memories that have shattered our hearts. But I think we should do our best to bring light into this world, the way we can. I think each of us contribute, in small or big ways, to spread love and not hatred, to spread acceptance and kindness. 


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