Thank you

by Andrada Costoiu

My dear fellow bloggers and readers,
This is not a poem, it is not a post that shares my insights, opinions or my personal research.
This is a post dedicated to you. It is a note of gratitude to you.

As I am approaching a year since I started writing here, I want to thank you all for reading my work, for being supportive and for inspiring me. Some of you have been here from the beginning and you have witnessed my ever-evolving perspectives.

Every day I receive messages and comments on my writing. I want you to know that every “like”, every comment and every minute that you spend reading my work is greatly appreciated. If I had made one of you feeling more understood, less alone or if I bought some kind of new knowledge to you, then to me, that is a success. It makes me happy. 

Social media often creates a culture of self-promotion. But that is not what we are doing here. We write about different topics, we write about our everyday human experiences, and about our feelings and our emotions.

We create. And that is what matters.

While in quarantine, I have finished writing a novel. It is about life in communist Romania during the 80’s. Much of it is inspired by my life and that of my father. I am very excited about it. I think it is a really good book :)> (sorry for being so confident, but I feel truly feel that it is a really good book:)). And with that, I also want to thank you for helping me grow as a writer.

Thank you all for who you are, and for being part of my journey,

With love,

25 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I was a newbie here and you were my first inspiration.Your piece of works are really amazing and it’s like kinda we’re eagerly waiting for it…it touches our heart actually…Above all you made me realise that writers of course they are the best minds 😉 of the world..

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  2. I have a request

    As far I have used this WordPress ,it’s awesome but still I feel like if we bloggers are developing a connection through social media like Instagram, I’m sure that all of us will really benefit from it much more…it can do wonders….so my dearest sis Andrada I would like to discuss with you abt that matter

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  3. Thank you 🌸. It is not out yet, because I am trying to get an agent and have it published though a publishing house . If that doesn’t work and I run out of patience querying agents, I’ll publish it myself on amazon :). I’ll let you know when is out. Thank you so much 🌸🌸


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