Please master

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: Image by Helen Marten, for Visual Verse

Visual Verse is an anthology of art, poetry, short fiction and non-fiction. You can find more information about it here Visual Verse . Each month published or unpublished authors are asked to write something, within an hour, inspired by an image. The image for this month was the one above. And here is a poem I wrote about it( it hasn’t been published at their website and I don’t know if it will be chosen to be part of their anthology, but to me, is the experience that counts) :

Please master

by Andrada Costoiu

We come from the place 
Where the air and the water make home,
Where thundering hearts smile at each other
And paint Valentines red.

On our perfect orb,
We roam through space
And lie in the meadows of the Sun and the Moon.

It looks a lot like freedom
But here beasts roam free,
Their waggling tongues are licking our place of its warmth and its beauty,
While their tails blow boundless seas of wild dust,
Entombing our sky. 
Our lungs are filled with smog,
We lost sight of our reflection,
And dust is catching in our dry, voiceless throats. 

Weakened we come to you, weakened but hopeful.
Please master, tame them with your hands
And quench their thirst.
Please master, make our world the way it used to be,
And let forests grow,
The oceans thrive,
And season after season,
We would feel again, 
The nature’s beauty and its perfect harmony.  


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