Bring me something old

by Andrada Costoiu

Today, my son is at the computer for his classes, as he is doing on-line schooling.

He screamed from his room :” Mom! Mom! The teacher said to bring something old!”

Me: ” Old…let me see what I can find……!”

Him: ” Mom! Come on! “

Me: ” Wait!” , I say, as I am scrambling to find something so he could show to his class….

Him: : Mom! Ok! Listen…why don’t you come to the screen and I’ll show you..!”

Me: “What?!!!!”

Him: ” Yes, she said to bring something old….”

Me, puzzled at first and then laughing: ” I am not old!”

Note: kids and how they see us, parents. I thought it was hilarious….just another of his pearls :))))


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23 thoughts on “Bring me something old

  1. episode ” White Wedding “, Callie Torres asks to borrow something from Sloan Riley, saying that she already has something old, new and blue, in preparation for her wedding.


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