Whatever we call beauty

by Andrada Costoiu

Mirrors that slim down,
That show no wrinkles,
Expensive clothes, 
The perfect bodies,
The perfect abs,
The perfect color of your skin…..

“The perfect” floats everywhere
And is a salient feature of our social story.

Since the earliest days,
Scores of media pundits 
Have created illusions
And broke our minds into thinking 
That their illusions are true.

We all clap together,
At whatever they call beauty,
Across time and space….
Meanwhile, liters of hot tears,
Fall from the eyes of those who do not fit.

Whatever we call beauty?

Have we forgotten 
To shine the magic lanterns into who we really are?
Have we forgotten,
To think in hearts and not in images?


The bogyman is difference,
Sustaining that sinister, yet profound insight 
Into the cleavages of our societies.
Not everyone can feel everyone’s pain,
But has numbness been accepted and embraced?

Whatever we call beauty?

Have we forgotten pain?
Have we forgoten
Our very first heartbreaks,
And how that made our world feel cold and frightening?

Whatever we call beauty?
Whatever you call beauty?


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11 thoughts on “Whatever we call beauty

  1. This is really great! You touch on such an important subject… self-image is so shaped by society that we forget what is really important.
    I love this line… Have we forgotten
    To shine the magic lanterns into who we really are?

    Liked by 1 person

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