Randomized how?

by Andrada Costoiu

California here.

This morning I was looking over the official ballot. I found it odd that Trump is at the top and Biden at the bottom! I didn’t know how they establish the order in the ballot. I did’t think it’s alphabetical because I checked and the others are also not alphabetically sorted. So, how do they determine the order?

They say that California has a randomized alphabet procedure, I went to the state’s website and you can find more about it here : California Randomized Aplhabet procedure . This procedure was established by legislation passed in 1975 in response to court rulings declaring that standard alphabetical order or incumbent-first was unconstitutional…..

I questioned the “random!” , because of the order in my ballot. But then a friend sent me hers…….

So, not everybody gets the same thing…. BUT!! She lives in a different county. Other people in the same county with me got the same order as mine……

So now, I would be curious to know if the ballot’s order is randomized per county or individually?

Elections are stranger than fiction….:)))))

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