by Andrada Costoiu

My dear friends,

I have been absent from here in the past few days because I have been watching how the elections unfolded for us, here in the US.

I know speaking politics is not always good, and “friends” have become “not friends” over political partisanship. We shouldn’t! Never ever should the political institutions be more important than people, than our relationships!  I have friends that are both Republicans and Democrats and although I feel strongly about my own convictions, partisanship will never break my friendships. Never!

That being said, I am thinking about moving forward….and I cannot help going back in time and think about my life experience.

Remember 1989, and the political upheavals in Eastern Europe? Remember U.S.S.R. breaking and the fall of the Berlin Wall? I was in Romania when that happened. I remember my parents crying happy that everything was over. I was so young and didn’t understand politics. 

Back then, in 1989, we, the people, thought that from tomorrow everything would be different. It wasn’t. It took and it will take tens of years of hard work to change the ways in which a society functions.

Here too…. the work begins. We have to heal the rifts in our society, which in the past years have deepened …..and that will take time and hard work. Partisanship or not, we have always been a great nation, with hard working people. Remember that!

4 thoughts on “News

  1. Politics, though not many peoples’ cup of tea, is something unavoidable given the manner in which it surrounds our lives. Though an outsider to American politics, I am, like most people, happy at the restoration of refinement and sanity in the form of the newly elected leadership at yours. Let us hope they are up to the task of cementing the bonds of unity and constitutional framework of America and, in the process, promote peace and goodwill around the world. Best wishes….

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