Merry Christmas

by Andrada Costoiu

I wish everyday would be a holiday. Why can’t we keep the lights on on our streets, houses and souls, all the time? I wish we would.

Today, I am sending you my very best wishes, my good thoughts and my love, and I hope that you are celebrating (for those who are celebrating), together with the ones you love.

Not really a Christmas desert, but I am going to share with you a very easy recipe of Lava Cake, for the chocolate lovers, that my son had found on the internet. He said, “Mom! I found something that you can actually make!” . He knows I am not a master, but I am alright:)

So, here is the easiest Lava Cake that has been ever invented:)

The picture may not look fancy, but it is really good. 🙂Here is how to make it: Mix in a bowl 1/4 cup flour(30gr)+1/2 powdered sugar(70gr)+a pinch of salt+2 large eggs+2 yolks. In a separate bowl, put 1 stick unsalted butter(100gr) + 1/2 cup (I put more ….2/3 cup) of chocolate chips(170gr) and melt these in a microwave. After this is melted, mix with the other composition of flour and the other ingredients.Spray a tray of cupcakes so the mixture would not stick , pour in the mixture and put it in the oven for 8-10 minutes (the oven has to be preheated at 400F-200C). That’s it!

Happy holidays to you all!

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