by Andrada Costoiu

Photo by cottonbro on

Above the foxhole everything is fire
Clouds are rolling,
Stained by the rage of the man made world.
His fingers are clenched on the wire,
That sends a screaming order to move forward
To all those destined to fill the infantrymen’ boots. 

Steel helmet in the rain, 
He joins the game of hide and seek with bullets,
And hopes to be among the winners,
As there is no replay,
The penalty of losing could take your soul away.

His team now takes the village,
He stops behind a wall, then points his gun,
The end and the tomorrow both dwelling by his finger,
And what he’ll choose will be the faith of one.

Astounding insight into the human soul,
Immersed in holiness and sin,
The battle is about primal survival,
And thus the man in front of him will lose, and he will win.


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