Ode to life

by Andrada Costoiu

I am

The faith
The loss of it.

The love
For who?

The pain,
The growth.

The wisdom gained from the victory of my heart.

Into the darkness, world of ghosts
White and black, sliding in their together world.

Let me run to the fields I remember
And chase my soul only if you will pull me up…

I shall not bend….
And I shall fight…
To find my faith,
And love….

We’re never over,
You, I, all.
Light becomes darkness,
Darkness becomes light,
Fairgrounds of souls..
We shall not bend….
And we shall fight…
To find our faith,
To love….


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Funny Romanian expressions

by Andrada Costoiu

Hello everyone!

I’m really busy these days translating my book in my native language, and I couldn’t stop laughing while writing. I decided to entertain you with few Romanian expressions and their meanings, to give you a glimpse of how funny the Romanian language can be! Cheers!

Trowing vapors at someone= to surprise someone

Throw your boogers in the beans= to screw up

Take you on a carpet ride or to carry someone with the rug = to cheat you

Your mustard jumped off = you lost your temper

To put your hand in the fire = to guarantee for something or that something is right

To fight with the windmills= to try something that doesn’t make sense

To not care if someone takes away the ox from your bike = to be unafraid 

To cross something like the duck crosses the water = to jump into conclusions

I have a needle for your coat = I know exactly how to get back at you

My coin dropped! = I got it!

At the horses’ Easter = never