Funny Romanian expressions

by Andrada Costoiu

Hello everyone!

I’m really busy these days translating my book in my native language, and I couldn’t stop laughing while writing. I decided to entertain you with few Romanian expressions and their meanings, to give you a glimpse of how funny the Romanian language can be! Cheers!

Trowing vapors at someone= to surprise someone

Throw your boogers in the beans= to screw up

Take you on a carpet ride or to carry someone with the rug = to cheat you

Your mustard jumped off = you lost your temper

To put your hand in the fire = to guarantee for something or that something is right

To fight with the windmills= to try something that doesn’t make sense

To not care if someone takes away the ox from your bike = to be unafraid 

To cross something like the duck crosses the water = to jump into conclusions

I have a needle for your coat = I know exactly how to get back at you

My coin dropped! = I got it!

At the horses’ Easter = never

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