Inner Struggle

by Andrada Costoiu

Friends and foes,
Please gather,
Sit together and speak thy truth.
Perhaps we can settle the swords and the jabs,
Perhaps …

“Sure!” spoke Innocence, beautiful, suave creature,
From the depths of naïve knowledge, she said:
“We can reach togetherness,
After all, we are in this together….”

“Really?” says the Skepticism
“It seems that you glide through time learning nothing!
Innocence, you’re just beautiful passing beauty….”

“Passing? No!”, says Innocence,
“I’m always here, for without me how would you love?
How would you hate?”

“Love? Hate?” says Rationality
“After I made a considerable number of records over a long period of time, 
I consider that….
It’s all a pile of whims!”

“Maybe,” says the Idealism
“But the man should always create another illusion,
I am not ready to give up on dreams!”

“I am surprised you’re still here, Idealism!
In an official universe,
Where relationships, careers, life…. is predetermined,
How have you not succumbed 
To day-by-day unhappiness inertia?” asked Rationality.

“Silence! All kneel! Surrender!” shouted someone from behind,
“Accept my yoke and we will be saved!”
It was Knowledge, demanding to be queen.

They all fell silent,
Innocence became guilty,
Rationality started to bow,
Idealism became aggressive,
Knowledge……did not become queen. 


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March 1st

by Andrada Costoiu

March 1st is a special day in Romania as the country celebrates the arrival of the spring season. We celebrate it with snowdrop flowers and traditional gifts. It is a very old celebration, that dates back to our ancestors, In ancient Rome, the New Year’s was celebrated on the 1st of March. March (‘Martius’) was named in the honor of the god Mars. In Romania, according to archaeological research, this celebration traces its history more than 8,000 years ago, which some ethnologists believing that it has Roman origins, while others say that it is an old Dacian tradition.

We call Martisor a little talisman with red and white strings that is offered to women during this holiday. It is believed that the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year.

 Between March 1 – 9, the Romanians also celebrate „babele” (in translation: the old women): everyone has to pick a day in this time frame. You can pick your day randomly, but some use their birthday to choose their “baba”. SO, for example if you’re born on the 14 of June, your “baba” is going to be 1+4= 5 =March 5th. The weather on the day you chose will show your luck in the upcoming year. Warm weather means that you will have happiness and wealth, whereas cold, rainy weather brings adversities. The weather during this time is very unstable, so you’ll never know what you get:).

Romanians are generally very superstitious, perhaps the new generations less than the older ones, but many people will pay attention to these signs.