by Andrada Costoiu

Image by Tanya Layko (Таня Лайко), for Visual Verse, June 2021

Inclined towards reflection, I am not disappointed,
By my youthful, abundant inner flow.

Close to thirty,
Two of me….
Both creations of nature and of the soul,
Hunt the mirror.

One is the expression of my organic romantic disposition,
Dreaming of budding love,
A prisoner of experiences and feelings,
Which cannot quiet the song of the heart.

The other is reading into the depths of souls,
And is protective 
Against betrayal and premonitions of future tragedies.

We’re always together, 
Two of me,
In a melodramatic posturing,
Unseen by anyone.

Very often I enjoy participating in collective projects, but lately I am overbooked with my schedule and lack the time for these. Though, this month I have written a poem for Visual Verse, this month’s issue, that can be found at page 76 in the anthology.

Visual Verse is an anthology of poems, short fiction and non-fiction, written based on an image.On the 1st of each calendar monthEvery month they release a new image and accept submissions up until the 15th of the month. Anyone, anywhere in the world, is welcome to submit to Visual Verse.Here is more information about it: Visual Verse.

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