The beauty in us

by Andrada Costoiu

Palms that hold dreams,
Upside down,
Got caught into sticky web of light
And made us drop all our belongings but our hearts and minds.

Are we great losers?


We touch….
As dark petals struggle not to fall
Into the cosmic depth.
We hold each other…
If dust comes from the knowledge’s fire.
We kiss….
As we pass through the valleys of shadows.

The addiction of the soul,
If every thought of love would become a breeze,
The world would be an endless hurricane.

The addiction of the mind,
With it we conquered centuries
While many other worlds have died.

In this universe where everything becomes dust
We have not bloomed for nothing,
Neither you, or I, or him, or her….or them….


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Under the Iron Curtain – book launch

by Andrada Costoiu

The pandemic has been unkind to our world but has also offered more time to ponder on different aspects of our lives and more time to write. Because I was able to work from home, I finished writing my first novel, “Under the Iron Curtain” which has now been published in Romanian edition, by Niculescu Oxford Publishing House, Bucharest in July 2021.

The novel presents a fictionalized account of the last 3 years of Ceausescu’s regime in Romania, 1986-1989, ending with the fall of the Iron Curtain. It follows a family, as it struggles living in a world led by a government that oppresses its people.  Many historical truths are embedded within this book, as it recounts the struggles of daily lives during Ceausescu times, the woman’s condition in the communist societies, as well as important events in the Romanian history, such as the Brasov rebellion of November 1987 as well as the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Characterized as a transmodern literature, this is a story of moral courage, a story of parenthood and moral dilemmas, and a story about the resilience of the human spirit that shines through years of hardship.

Here are a few pictures from the official book launch.

And couple of TV shows where I had the pleasure to be invited.