Modern love – part III

by Andrada Costoiu

So, here it is, Modern Love with part 3 added. I also included part 1+2, just in case you didn’t have the chance to read it. Stay tuned to see what happens next:)

Part I

In the summertime, on a day like this,
I met someone more masterful than Renoir and Matisse.
I was a bit down for the lack of color,
 I kept swimming and searching, while the pool got smaller!

The someone I speak about and his faithful stroke,
Came through a dating app and proceeded coloring my world as he softly spoke.
He washed the city’s gray away,
Azure, some green and a mixture of some other colors came out into the play.

He pulled me close in Times Square, his chest was like steel,
He opened his shirt and proudly said: “Feel!”
My thumb became itchy! It flew in a touch!
My mind said “Eureka! I might have found my match!”

In love and hopeful, we hopped from place to place,
Knitting our romance at a corrupted pace.
Fast and then faster, we stepped from bar to bar,
Me with my purse, him with his guitar.

Effervescent music,
His strings sounded like Jimmy Page,
When he professed his love to me across Manhattan’s streets,
And sometimes on the stage. 

It all felt so good,
I wanted this to last!
To play my part in it at once,
Was what I felt, was I must!

I made my mission to spread my love all over him like confetti, 
To cook him very often his favorite dish: spaghetti, 
Day after day our love grew blissful and everything was grand,
Until one night this perfect situation got so out of hand!

In wholly ingratiated state,
My man passed out, face down on his plate,
From drinking a bit more,
And eating the cold nachos from the day before.

Controlling my emotions, I tried hard not to swing,
When from the kitchen, I heard his phone’s ring.
A soft spoken voice was asking to hangout,
She sounded persuasive, not like a girl in doubt!

Flummoxed and very quick I searched the phone’s inbox,
Mnemonics in small pixels named my man Swiper da Fox!
His list of “swipe” dating turned to be vast,
It was the unedited truth about his present and his past!

My knuckles got all white, but with profonde composure,
I confronted da Fox and asked for full disclosure.
With feathers in his mouth, the guy was still a cheat,
He kept denying everything, unable to admit.

Carte blanche for revolution, emotions ran deep,
I pleaded quid pro quo, the boot for his sweep!
Packing da Fox’s clothes, his tins and his guitar,
I told him that is over, I asked him to go far!

Part II

Conference on Mount Olympus, with Eros on the stand,
His wings are gently flapping, his face is really tanned.
“I came today to tell you, that I fell in disgrace,
I do not know what’s happening down there, with the entire human race!”

“What do you mean?” asked Zeus, his voice sounded like the thunder,
“Have deep spiritual and erotic yearnings gone down under?”
“No!”, says embarrassed Eros, “but they come through a box,
Just like in one of recent cases, named Swiper da Fox!”

“A box?” murmured them all, and puzzled they fell, 
Not sure how a box can cast the love spell.
“A box, “ continues Eros, “that takes selfies and can move in slow motion,
Making the ones involved to quiver with emotion!”

Apollo clutched his headphones, he fixed his laurel wreath,
Perseus checked his knife and drew it from its sheath, 
Artemis pet her deer, Poseidon gulped a glass of water,
The nine Muses together, were pondering on the matter …..

Part III 

Concealed among the others, as humans they were born,
Eros as a good-looking guy, with a good job and fully grown,
Aphrodite as woman sailor, the captain of a cruise ship,
Hermes lost his winged sandals and instead carried a whip. 
Athena was a nerd, she sported reading glasses,
Hephaestus carried comas, he gave karate classes. 
All photoshopped and ready, they set in their profiles,
They had prepared full pitches and they were only smiles….

It didn’t take an hour for the romance roulette to send notifications,
They came from everywhere, with all kinds of temptations.
The box was full of humans, dressed up potential mates,
Who invited the Olympians on all kinds of dates.
Thumb crafted messages and unfiltered pictures started to appear,
Aphrodite was invited to go sailing, Hephaestus to go drink a beer.
Among the others, Hermes got a message that was quite long,
It was written by a woman who pretended to be knowledgeable and very, very strong…

“Ok!” said enervated Eros, “You see now how this works!
Look at how many people just came in through the box!
This newfangled dating world is getting out of hand,
I very often panic and do not aim as planned!”

“You do not aim at all?” said Hermes, feeling his tush,
“I aim, alright!” yelled Eros, “But some move fast, and others beat around the bush!”
“Well…” said Aphrodite with a wry, 
“Why don’t we give you training, so let’s go out and try.”


© Andrada Costoiu and, 2020- . Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Andrada Costoiu and, 2020 with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

My new poetry book “Love poems: insights into the complicated mystery of love” is available on Amazon. You can get it here. Please write a review if you get around it. I would really appreciate it.

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