When I show up in the morning at the top of the stairs, she is already waiting for me, sitting at the bottom.   She lets out a short meow, or maybe two, and I know she is telling me good morning. She’s not a small cat, or perhaps she looks this way because of her big hair.  She also has short legs.
I make myself coffee, and with  the cup  in my hand  I  sit on the couch. She comes and cuddles next to me.
She has a cute head, and it makes me smile when she follows me with her eyes as I respond emails, as if she is wondering what plans do I have today.
I like her eyes the most. Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes? They are as expressive as those of humans. Maybe even more expressive. Hers are curious and innocent.
I don’t know when in the past cats became domesticated animals, maybe it  happened when peasants started giving food to wild cats to reward them for catching the mice that destroyed the corn and grain they stored in their silos?  I don’t know……. But  I’m glad it  happened, I’m glad that I have  Lizzy. 

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