Yoshitomo Nara

By Andrada Costoiu

Yesterday I took my son to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Periodically, we like to go look at beautiful…..or interesting art.
It is not always that art is fun, and pleasant. Sometimes, I find art dark, because it reflects the mood or the interior of the artist, and not all of us have lived through wonderful times and have wonderful stories to tell.
Yesterday, I was discussing the exhibitions with my 12 year old. Some of them were really dark, and he wanted us to move on quickly. We did. But when we ended up in this exhibition of Yoshimoto Nara, a Japanese artist that I have not heard of before, my son was fascinated. SO was I.
Some of Nara’s paintings of children and animals looked both sweet….and sinister. But I saw some kind of spirit in each of them….I saw human nature.
I am posting several of the paintings here, including a remake of his drawing studio.

7 thoughts on “Yoshitomo Nara

  1. Oh Henry! Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. Everybody warms up to different kinds of art, and of course , there is always critique. To me, Nara’s work was not flat, but cute …and kind of magic. There were a lot of dark pieces hanging on the museum’s walls, but his, brought light and soul( even if the kids’s faces looked mischievous 😀). I am also biased because I had my son with me, who is a manga fan and found a resemblance between Nara’s work and manga 🙂


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