The possibility of nothing

by Andrada Costoiu

Gigantic, uncontrollable gesture,
Was when we were given a heart
To live,
To love.

Do we understand anything at all?

Collective thoughts of complex spiritual movements,
And enigmatic minds of scientific thought
What do you have yet about the history and the future of the man itself?

Standing exposed to the wind of time,
Decay of the flesh,
Stand as a description of Being.
Still, not discouraged, 
We’re outflanking the demon
Who whispers of death.

Smile and believe
Are the only ways to move forward,
For stuck with appearances 
We’re not.

Half foolishness, 
Half incomplete wisdom,
We dream and we may always exist,
Somehow, somewhere, if even in the minds of others,
For gigantic, uncontrollable gesture,
Was when we were given a heart
To live,
To love.

Note: Dedicated to A, my very good friend who lost her father this past week.

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