Joining the aviation community

by Andrada Costoiu

I have been missing from here, and I am so sorry!

I have not posted my writing in a long time, but I want to update you about what I have been doing lately. Besides teaching at the university, I have studied. I am joining the aviation community.

Recently, a friend of mine killed herself. She was a beautiful woman with a fantastic career and family. I will miss her ..and somehow, I know that I will not reconcile with the idea that people I care about can be just gone…like that…. without warning…

This event jolted me, jolted my existence, and made me look at myself in the mirror. There is power in the choices we make.

So far, I have been doing a combination of what was expected from me and things that I love. But now I will follow my dream. Life is too short not to do that (in all aspects, not only carer!).

I’ll be up in the sky March 19th. I will post updates.

Sending love to all of you,


10 thoughts on “Joining the aviation community

  1. Bonjour Andrada,
    C’est une triste nouvelle d’apprendre la disparition d’une amie, dans de telles circonstances.
    Nous devons tous garder courage, confiance, espoir et envie de vivre…
    Bon vol et bon vent pour toi au dessus des nuages… Félicitations !
    Sois prudente et prends bien soin de toi !
    Bisous amicaux . ❤

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