Jokes from my son

I really think that Noah would make a lot of money in standup comedy . He is 13.
Last night , me and him, buying some gifts.
We get to the cashier and I see how much we gathered in our hands and in the cart.
I get my card out to pay and I must have made a face, because I hear Noah….
N: mom, do you need emotional support ?
I look at him and I cant help but burst into laughter.
He laughs too, but continues : or maybe your credit card needs life support? Because for the past few hours it keeps having strokes.

The House

by Andrada Costoiu

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Seconds, flying out the window of time.
Womb admissions are granted,
Exit is guaranteed.

Once here, everyone is writing.
There are old books, new books,
Critics are many,
But so are those that praise everyone’s splendid contributions.

 “Can you imagine a more perfect venue?”
An old man asks as he catches the gaze of his wife,
And smiles remembering how they learned 
To exchange vows.

Frail hand in his, she stands,
“No,” she says. “It was perfect.”
And together they walk 
Under the saber arch of those living within,
Toward the exit.

“You are the most stunning goddess,” he says,
As they walk outside in the luminous sun.
“I love you, “she answers,
As the cover of their book’s final print is being issued.

For the first time ever,
They look at the house from the outside.
Lights are on, and the inside is busy,
Everyone is writing, 
In a day that still exists….while its seconds are flying through the window of time. 

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