Travel stories

From London , with Love

London. For any it is the city where they live, where they work, where they go to the grocery store….or the restaurants. For me, it was a wonderful adventure. But life is an adventure, isn’t it? We should never forget to enjoy, every minute, every day, every week…..

Westminster Abbey & Westminster Church

If you want to visit the Abbey you must wake up early; the other day I went there at 12 and there was a huge line to buy tickets. They close at 3.30 so there wasn’t enough time. Better buy the tickets online! The Abbey is beautiful inside, the history floats in the air and is under your feet. I like it so much that the next day I woke up early and went to the mass. I thought it’s going to be in the church but the sermon was held in the small chapel. Bummer! It was funny, because there was a girl next to me that had angels ears. She kept laughing and seemed a little bewildered. That’s when I lowered my gaze and noticed the priest’s shoes – he had style! I tried not to think about priests’ fashion and concentrate on giving thanks and praying for a better world!

Westminster Church

If you walk few streets from the Abbey, there is another church, Westminster Church. This one is impressive too. Cannot stop but thinking that the Catholic church was and is so powerful! They had and have a lot of money to build such impressive buildings. In this church there were many chapels, each with their history. Among other things I was impressed by the body of St John Southworth, a man that was killed in 1535 because of his faith. This made me feel sad, his body looked so small; it was enclosed in a glass shrine. His mummy was fully clothed and had a mask on …his face.