Out of a thick fog I decided to walk through the main entrance of the virtual world.

Life is a journey, we all go through it, we all have our paths to travel. Sometimes we travel paved ways, other times we become adventurous, by will or by chance, on slippery paths.  We stumble, we fall and sometimes we get lost. It is not always that we can spread our charts out on the table to find our way. We all need each other’s guidance and  learnings.

I am an academic, a mother, a writer, a pilot in training. I like people and the world we are sharing. I believe in goodness and humanity, I think we can all do something to make a difference, no matter how small. 

I am here to write and share with you my experiences, my occasional poems, things that I have learned from my travels, or simply works that stem from my imagination.

My first novel has been published in Romanian, by Niculescu Oxford Publishing House, July 2021. The story takes the reader through the most important events of the last 3 years of Ceausescu’s regime, 1986-1989, including the Chernobyl Disaster and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Besides being informative on that time period, this is a story of moral courage and of the beauty of human spirit that shines through years of hardship. It is also a story of millions of people, past and present, who have lived under oppressive regimes.  
The novel can be bought on-line, from the publishing house https://www.niculescu.ro/sub-cortina-de-fier.html, or in the libraries across the country ( libraries in Romania only).

If you would like to read some poetry that I have written, my poetry collection “Love poems: Insights into the complicated mystery of love” is available on Amazon. The book will walk your mind and your heart through the many moods of love, because…..you see…..there are many ways in which we love and there are many ways in which love manifests in our lives.

I collaborate and write for a few literary venues. I am a writer for Spill Words Press , Visual Verse , The Literary Yard, The Scarlet Leaf Review and other literary magazines.

On the academic side, I have published works in the field of politics, on immigration and identity issues. My work has appeared in the Journal of Identity and Migration Studies and in a volume published by Cambridge Scholars. In the past few years I have done extensive research in the area of human rights. If you would like to find out more, you can read an updated summary of my contributions to the academic field by clicking HERE.

My world is your world, welcome!