Resilience in War Refugees from Syria

– Resilience as a process through individual and contextual factors-

By Andrada Costoiu

This isn’t a literary composition, it is an academic paper that I have written based on my research in a refugee camp in Jordan, about 5 years ago.
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Modes of Minorities’ Integration: Explaining Historical, Economic and Political Factors

By Andrada Costoiu

Abstract. There are a great number of states in which different ethnic minorities coexist, each of them having their own culture, language and history. In some of these states, the ethnic minorities have been subjected to marginalization and acculturation, in other states the minority groups were recognized as being distinct parts of the nation and were granted equal rights of participation in the public arena. This paper attempts to explain why states opt for such different ways of integrating their minorities. It first develops a typology of minorities’ integration and than, by using the example of two nation-states that fit into each type of integration model it discusses the historical, political and economical factorsthat could explain each pattern of minorities’ integration.

You can read the entire article in the Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, Volume 2, number 2, 2008. Click here to access the PDF