Born blind

by Andrada Costoiu

Ink has dried on papers,
Where pen has pressed hearts, of black and white,
Of yellow and all other human colors….
So many books have been written,
To highlight the difference of no difference……

“Billy, can we sit here,” asked a boy his play buddy.
“Yes Andrew, lets’!”
“Do you hear the birds singing?” he asked his friend,
“Yes, they sound nice,” answered Andrew.
“They have pretty feathers too, white and brown, just like the two of you,”
Said a man sitting on the bench next to theirs,
The boys smiled, and sword fought with their white canes.

The man watched their joyful child play for a while,
“I hope that other eyes would never break your play,”
The old man said to himself.
He left, sad, dragging with him the burden of seeing colors,
And all the meanings attached to them.

You cannot feel something,
Until someone teaches you to feel something.
And sometimes, you cannot think something,
Until someone teaches you to think something.


Red symbolizes excitement, passion and love in Western cultures
It also symbolized communism and revolution in countries like Russia.
Yellow, In Germany it represents envy,
In Egypt it means happiness and fortune.
Purple means wealth around the world. 
But in Brazil and Thailand purple is the color of mourning.

Billy and Andrew have not learned about black and white,
Born blind, 
They would have others to teach them……
And the others must never break their play.


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