by Andrada Costoiu

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Feeling freer,
Rebelling against the written stories and faces,
That furnish the media,
With gossip, lavish lifestyles and …. politics.

Public figures and public narratives,
Let me be!
I have the Job of hope.

Give me a Rilke, give me a JS Mill,
Give me a Sartre,
Give me somebody that isn’t dead and is thinking.

I want to entangle with warriors of thought,
Even if the recompense is to be stoned
By the ones who enjoy the status quo.

Progress means seeking future creation,
Understanding and dreaming,
Not looking up at their statues,
Listening to their stories,
THEM ruling over us.

Nothing is predestined,
This is your motive to escape and transcend where they put you.

You have the Job of hope,
Affirm yourself,
Against their cults of domination.
Lift up your pen,
Light up the lumber,
Swell your thoughts.

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