The greatest entertainer

by Andrada Costoiu

Perilous tongue, nevertheless, defensive,
You leap yourself before you fall,
Disguised, it’s easy to miss your anguish from the distance,
As jesters mean to humor….and entertain them all.

The audience is laughing,
You stand for them, despoiled of your own feelings, 
Knowing that is a thousand times better to take the vow of madness,
Than love and be betrayed.

So loud and yet so silent,
A double movement of your heart,
Your effort is exhausting but their eyes don’t see it,
Because your art prevails, and the suppression plays it part.

Better not see …. just laugh,
Aren’t we all?
As you are on the stage, you show them,
That in love ….you always have to leap yourself before you fall.

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