Whoever carries a light

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo:K Whiteford has released this “Patient In Hospital Room” 

The entryway is cozy,
I feel the warmth underfoot and
Soft lighting engulfs me.
I’m home.

“You’re late again!” my lover said to me.
I blink,
Life is tumultuous sometimes,
The pain of the world is real and there is no sugar coating,
I’m late, yes.

Maybe I was in a dream
Or in some kind of apocalyptic hallucination,
I spent my day between doctors and people
Carrying trays, moving equipment.

A red haired, freckled and washed out man,
Grabbed my hand when I was moving between beds,
“I wish you hurry up,
The dark night of the soul is blowing over us”, he said.

I did hurry up,
So did everyone around me.
Whoever carried a light
Was quickly walking in the darkness,
To rescue the ones who were stuck there,
And we were brining light,
One flicker at the time.

This for all the exhausted doctors, nurses and medical personnel out there. They are brining light to the ones who suffer now, one flicker at a time….


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7 thoughts on “Whoever carries a light

  1. (((Hugs))) for all the light bringers, ‘one flicker at a time. Bless your heart for bringing forth this beautiful post of recognition of so many caring and courageous Heroes! ☀️😇❤️

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  2. And many of them are so exhausted, but still find strength to push on for those in need! An acquaintance of mine, a nurse, has been currently working 18 hour shifts. Be safe Andrada! Here in California the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire!

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  3. I most certainly will! Believe it or not her name is Sunshine. That is her true name! Stories she has been sharing during this crisis, like countless of others, are amazing and devastatingly heartbreaking. ❤️

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